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2013-2014 Program Schedule

Indiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (IACTE)

Program Schedule: 2014 - 2015


September 26 Ball State Alumni Center

November 21 Anderson University/ I-69 Flagship Location

January 30 Univ of Indianapolis

March 27 Indiana State

April 10 Ritz Charles/ Banquet



Please Complete - IACTE Survey for September 26th Meeting

IACTE Colleagues –

Our first meeting on Friday September 26th, will focus on two topics – edTPA and CASA.  Kandi Hill-Clarke and I are the facilitators for this meeting, and we want to organize a meeting that addresses your needs.  To do so, we would appreciate your taking just a few minutes to respond to the questions below and then forward your response to me (  If you could do so, NO LATER THAN FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 5TH, your responses will help our planning.

1)    Please indicate what would be most beneficial to you with respect to a program addressing edTPA:

Focus on the materials, e.g., specific tasks, rubrics                                         

Focus on implementation or administration issues, e.g., options available.    

2)    Please share 2-3 specific questions you have about the edTPA materials, e.g., the specific tasks, the rubrics, if applicable.

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