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2014-2015 IACTE Meeting and Dues Notice

IACTE Colleagues –

Here we go!  It should be a great new school year, and to complement your campus activities, the IACTE Executive Committee has planned informative meetings for the year.  Please mark your calendars now.

September 26                   Ball State Alumni Center

November 21                    Anderson University/I-69 Flagship Location

January 30                       University of Indianapolis

March 27                          Indiana State

April 10                            Ritz Charles/Banquet

To support the work of the Association this year, which includes representing and advocating for teacher education with the State Board of Education, Indiana Department of Education and State Legislature, the Executive Committee has agreed to continue the annual dues structure introduced last year; a structure based on the number of traditional AND alternative program completers, AND an institution’s membership in AACTE.  Please note the dues schedule below:

Number of Program Completers Dues

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Response to Proposed Title II Rules - ACT NOW

IACTE Colleagues –

It is time for you and your colleagues to comment on the proposed Title II Rules; the deadline of February 2nd is fast approaching.  The IACTE Executive Committee met on the 16th to discuss the rules and IACTE’s response, which is attached.  We have been advised that only about 1600 comments have been submitted to date, and the US DOE has interpreted that the small response suggests that the proposed rule changes are fine.  SO THE QUANTITY OF RESPONSES MATTERS!

Attached are the guidelines that AACTE has distributed as to “how to submit comments.”  PLEASE read these carefully.  It is important that your comments include the “Docket ID.”  Also attached is a template AACTE response letter.  Admittedly it is quite long, BUT the template addresses ALL the major issues that the Association has noted.  Your letter can address only one or two issues, as you wish; a letter of only one-two pages easily will suffice.  Certainly, you may have your own concerns about the proposed rules, and we strongly encourage you, as does AACTE, to offer your own comments, your own voice. YOUR VOICE WILL MATTER!  We also encourage you to share this message with all of your faculty, again the quantity of comments matters as well.

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