IACTE 2017-2018 Meeting Dates (Costs, dues, and updates included)

Welcome to the new academic year!

We hope you had a summer complete with relaxation and some fun and that you are energized for an exciting academic year.  The IACTE Executive Committee has worked over the summer to plan for a strong series of meeting and opportunities focused on the theme, Elevate the Profession.

Please mark your calendars NOW with the dates of our meetings:

Reminder: IACTE Meeting (Sep 20th) Dues

IACTE Colleagues -

We have a GREAT meeting planned for this Friday, September 29th at the University of Indianapolis. The focus of our meeting is ADVOCACY.  We have state representatives planning to attend to provide us with important counsel, as well as representatives from other education associations in the state.

To date, I have members from only nine institutions who have advised me of their plans to attend.  PLEASE take the time to check your calendars, and if you have the day available, join your colleagues to discuss productive ways to advocate for teacher education and our great profession.  I would appreciate hearing from you no later than Tuesday, September 26th.

As a gentle reminder, dues for the 2017-2018 academic year are due on Friday September 29th.  To date, I have checks from only 17 institutions, less than half of our membership.  The details re: the dues structure are below, and attached is the form that you may complete to serve as an "invoice."  Thanks to those 17 who already have paid!


2017-2018 First IACTE Meeting at University of Indianapolis

IACTE Colleagues -

We have a very exciting meeting/work session planned for the first meeting of the 2017-2018 academic year.  The focus will be on ADVOCACY.  Those in attendance will be working in regional groups to draft advocacy plans for this year.  Please see the attached agenda.

In preparation of this meeting, it would be most helpful if those planning to attend would complete the following assignment

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