Indiana State University

Terre Haute, Indiana 47809
(812) 237-6311
FAX (812) 237-4348


Daniel J. Bradley
Ext. 4000

Interim Provost

C. Jack Maynard
Ext. 2304

Dean, Bayh College of Education

Kandi Hill-Clarke
Ext. 2919

Associate Dean
Academic and Student Affairs

Linda Sperry

Ext. 2918

Assistant Dean, Teacher Education and Community Outreach and Director, Education Student Services (Licensing Advisor)

Judy Sheese
Ext. 3131

Communication Disorders and Counseling, School and Educational Psychology Chairperson

Linda Sperry
Ext. 2832

Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Technology Interim Chairperson

Diana Quatroche
Ext. 2852

Educational Leadership Chairperson

Steve Gruenert
Ext. 2900

Elementary, Early, and Special Education Chairperson

Diana Quatroche
Ext. 2852

Director, Career Center

Darby Scism
Ext. 5000



Director of Assessment and Accreditation

Malea Crosby
Ext. 7742